Put the Help Ukraine widget on your website!

Your customers and visitors of your website will be able to know how they can help Ukraine from every place in the world.

How widget can help?

There are few ways of how you can help to end the war by setting up the widget.Your website widget will offer the following options to your website visitors:

How widget can help?

By putting a widget on your website, you give a possibility to your website visitors to help Ukraine. Together, with the people all around the world, we will stop this war and Help Ukraine win.

  • Donations

    All donations that are made under this link, are collected at a unified official account in the National Bank of Ukraine, which has been created for the support of Ukrainian army.

  • Other ways to support

    Share the truth about Russian invasion, donate to the Humanitarian aids, host Ukrainian refugees, become a medical volunteer, and do so much more.

  • Share this widget

    The more people will know about the possibilities to help, the more we can actually help Ukraine. Share this webpage with your friends, who own websites, the more views - the more people will be saved.

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Who are we?
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Why are we doing this?
We are Ukrainians, when the war started, we felt like we wanted to help our country by any means, that’s how we decided to develop the website widget, that will help to inform website visitors about the situation in Ukraine, and help Ukrainian official resources to get some donations. We believe that Ukraine is the country of ultimate freedom, that now is fighting for the freedom of the whole world. We ask the World to join, and Help Ukraine. Share this page:
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